If a toilet is needed

we are there.


If a toilet is needed

we are there.


Portable toilets - Marie-Polyester

Dear Sirs,

Our company was established 20 years ago and during that time it has developed highest quality portable toilets, which are the most popular type of free standing toilets on the market to be placed anywhere, stationary toilets that need to be connected to the water and sewage system, as well as toilets with a large area designed for people moving on wheelchairs.

Our extensive offer also includes shower enclosures and empty cabins to be equipped on your own, as well as sanitary products. This group of articles contains sanitary fluids in the form of concentrates and sachets to service portable toilets, as well as odorants to neutralize unpleasant smells in the cabins.

Our toilets mean durability and comfort in use, solid construction, rich colours, modern design and exceptional aesthetics in every detail. We offer a wide variety of products for cities, municipalities, companies and individual customers. Here you can find toilets that will suit your every need.

We protect the environment.

Portable toilets

Most popular portable toilets with various equipment and rich colours to be placed in any non-sewered location.

Stationery toilets

Modern and functional stationery toilets and shower enclosures with connections to the water and sewage system, as well as empty cabins without equipment.

Toilets for the disabled

High class portable and stationery toilets for the disabled that due to their functionality and comfort of use will meet the requirements of people with different physical disabilities.

Toilet cleaning products

Concentrates to service portable toilets and air fresheners that effectively remove any odours.

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