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Portable toilets

Mondo with a urinal

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High class mobile portable toilets made of high density polyethylene are designed to be used in places with no water and sewage systems. Perfect design, easy to use and keep clean. It complies with all international standards. A rich assortment of accessories – flushing systems with recirculation, cisterns with a manual or foot pump, lift kits for cabins with an empty and full container, compact sinks with a container for fresh water. Mondo is the highest quality model to the extent of its technical aspects. It’s perfect for mass events or construction sites.

Standard equipment:

  • tight closed fecal matter containers with a toilet seat
  • urinal connected to the fecal matter container
  • two independent ventilation systems
  • free- occupied door lock
  • locking with a padlock
  • container for two toilet paper rolls
  • semi-transparent translucent roof
  • available colours: blue , green, grey ,red ,yellow, orange


  • flushing system with recirculation ( manual pump )
  • flip top flash (manual pump)
  • flip top flash ( foot pump )
  • holder for three or four rolls of toilet paper
  • lift kit for cabins with an empty container
  • lift kit for cabins with a full container
  • compact sink with a container for clean water
  • soap dispenser
  • paper towels holder
  • sanitizer dispenser

Technical parameters:

  • material : polyethylene
  • dimensions (width x length x height) 1,12m x 1,22m x 2,31 m
  • weight about 75 kg
  • capacity of fecal matter container: 265L

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