Stationery toilets

Cabins without equipment

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Empty cabin – without internal equipment, to be equipped on your own according to an individual design and imagination or equipped entirely by our company.
The cabin may be used as a dressing room equipped with a cabinet to store clothing and a seat, it may a toilet for men with urinals or with a urinal and a bidet, washrooms with connection to running water and to the sewage system, a room for storing object, etc.


Standard equipment:

  • plastic external and internal lock with two keys with the same code number
  • system of self-closing hinges with three-step adjustment range
  • skidproof floor
  • green

Sample equipment:

  • plastic sink with a water container
  • urinal
  • bidet
  • cabinets to store clothes
  • a seat
  • bookshelf
  • handle to lock the cabin with a padlock
  • coin insert system
  • semi-transparent roof
  • possibility to select any colour from the RAL palette

Technical parameters:

  • material : polyester
  • dimensions ( width x length x height) 1,1m x1,1 m x2,25 m
  • weight about 75 kg

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