produkty z fala2


Blue Magic

produkty z fala2

Antibacterial concentrate designed for drainless portable toilets. Limits the amount of gases, sediment and odour. It speeds us the decay of fecal matter and toilet paper, facilitates emptying the containers.



  • benzyl-dimethylammonium chloride - 3%,
  • ethoxylated alcohol - 3%,
  • glutaraldehyde - 1,5%.

Instructions for use

Pour a proper dosage of the preparation diluted in 10 - 15 L of water into an empty container for fecal matter. Dosage depends on air temperatures: below 50º C. - 60 ml, 5 - 10º C. - 80 ml ( instructions for use on every packaging).
A full toilet should be emptied only into a draining device designed for fecal matter, the preparation should not get into water containers and soil.
Packaging: 1L, 5L ,10L ,20L

Winter Magic

produkty z fala7

Anti-freezing agent designed for chemical toilets and dustbins.



  • isopropyl alcohol <40%
  • Instructions for use:

Add proper dosage of the preparation to the toilet depending on the air temperature:

  • 0º C - 5%
  • -10º C - 8%
  • -20º C - 15%

Packaging: 1L, 5L , 10L,

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