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Air Magic

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Extremely effective liquid air freshener, fights any bad smell, also tobacco. Designed to be used in offices and hotels, in boutiques, toilets, cloakrooms and everywhere where a nice, fresh and long-lasting scent is required. Used in a small amount, it may be used as a scent added to odorants, vacuum cleaners with a water filter and air conditioners. The product is available in nine smell options.



  • smell composition pursuant to IFRA,
  • neutralizing substances,
  • auxiliary substances.

Instructions for use:
Product ready for use. Spray the product with the use of an atomizer. Proper dose should be determined on your own, depending on the required effect (for a small room one dose is usually enough, in larger rooms – from 2 to four doses).
Packaging: 550 ml with an atomizer, 5 L, 10L

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