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Toilets for the disabled

Toilets for the disabled – portable

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We present to you high class multi-functional portable toilets for people with different physical disabilities. Toilet cabins are made of high density polyethylene, thick double walls that eliminate the need to additionally reinforce the construction, a metal frame inside that allows people to move easily, flat floor suitable for people on wheelchairs that provides easy access to the toilet, side transport handles that allow to change the cabin’s location any time. Toilets are available in various colours and may be equipped in additional options.


Standard equipment:

  • tight closed fecal matter containers with a toilet seat
  • metal frame that helps move around
  • double gravity ventilations system
  • container for one or two toilet paper rolls
  • free-occupied door lock
  • locking with a padlock
  • side transport handles
  • semi-transparent translucent roof
  • colours: blue, green , grey , sandy



  • manual flush
  • corner shelf
  • toilet paper holder ( 4 rolls)
  • paper towels dispenser
  • liquid soap dispenser
  • sanitizer dispenser


Technical parameters:

  • material : polyethylene
  • dimensions ( width x length x height) 1,58m x 1,58 m x 2,31 m
  • height 235 cm
  • door width 830mm
  • weight about 120 kg
  • capacity of the small container: 132L
  • capacity of the big container 257 L

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