Toilets for the disabled

Toilets for the disabled – stationary

zilelony Kabiny Marie blue braz czeko limonek

Anywhere there is an insufficient number of toilets or where toilets do not meet the users’ needs and where there is a possibility to connect to a water and sewage system, chose stationery toilets for the disabled, which are also well-equipped, similarly to the portable ones. All toilets are equipped with functional ramps, rails for the disabled and sinks. They may be placed anywhere – they are hygienic, comfortable and safe. We may add additional elements.


Standard equipment:

  • universal ceramic bowl with low-level flushing system
  • plastic sink with outflow tap 1/2"
  • system of rails for the disabled
  • wheelchair ramps
  • plastic external and internal lock with two keys with the same code number
  • system of self-closing hinges with three-step adjustment range
  • gravity ventilation
  • skidproof floor
  • toilet paper hanger
  • clothes hanger


  • container for one or two rolls of toilet paper
  • paper towels holder
  • liquid soap dispenser
  • sanitizer dispenser
  • lighting
  • coin insert system for chips
  • dustbin
  • mirror
  • semi-transparent roof
  • possibility to select any colour from the RAL palette

Technical parameters:

  • material : polyester
  • dimensions ( width x depth x height ) 1,95 m x 1,95 m x 2,40m
  • door width 95 cm
  • weight about 190 kg


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